Dominican girls dating com

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Dominican girls dating com

She said she was to two different places and was trying to find the best price.

I asked her about the orange (her favorite Gatorade drink) flavored condom I found in her purse and she said she got that from a bridal shower three years ago and forgot it was there.

But she neglected to tell me she did have other men saved in her 2nd phone that she got for free from her phone company.

She uses Orange and apparently you earn points when you stay with them so she has two phones.

I understand the condom if she was single but we have both been to the clinic together and been tested and do not use condoms so it was not for me. Am I over analyzing and this does not look as bad ?

A lot of things become pointless and senseless when it comes to a woman!

But I did find it very suspicious that she only returned with four things because I asked her what she bought and they were all things for her hair.

She said everyone in her family called him sexy because he's really buff etc.

I wanted a serious relationship and to find someone I may eventually marry.

I stayed in Zona Colonial and she traveled from her home to my apartment to see me for 2 weeks.

I heard a girl's voice so I know she's telling the truth about that. I know that seems crazy but I had a bad feeling because I have not known stores in the Dominican Republic to play music that loud and thought it was strange she answered then hung up. While she was gone I found a condom in her purse in a separate compartment she had the condom right next to her bank card and ID card also I had found a receipt from two weeks ago so I know she uses that compartment.

I asked what that was about and she said it was a friend from work. When she returned to the apartment I asked her what happened with her phone.

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Does this look as bad to everyone else has it did to me?

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