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Dnadatingtest com

A warning about the accuracy of the tests was made by the Sense About Science campaign group, which said "such histories are either so general as to be personally meaningless or they are just speculation from thin evidence." The warning was backed by a number of leading genetics experts.

Because the cosmic ray bombardment is fairly constant, there’s a near-constant level of carbon-14 to carbon-12 ratio in Earth’s atmosphere.

Once you receive the kit, you swab the inside of your cheek and send it back to them for it to be analyzed.

The DNA on the swab is associated with your pheromone profile and will help connect you with singles with whom you're more likely to have chemistry.

Science has a lot to do with attraction, the company claims.

They believe pheromones that our bodies emit that are picked up by others through smell are a significant factor when determining how attracted you are to someone else.

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Organisms at the base of the food chain that photosynthesize – for example, plants and algae – use the carbon in Earth’s atmosphere.

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