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Datingfrustrations com

Any suggestions on what I should do when meeting women to show myself as a potential boyfriend rather than just a potential friend?2 I am bad reading subtle signs and noticing when a girl is indicating she is interested or (not interested).its a self-sorting process: they aren't representative of any larger commonality.Its simply is true of women who are friends with you, because if you were the type of bf they wanted, they couldn't be friends.Every girl wants the bad guy in her earily stage of life, order a book from amazon on how to pick girls up, they did sure change me, I recommand it, but please if your gonna order and just read it and not actually do the missions or the things they ask you to do in there, then don't waste your money on that book, if your seriouse about change then go ahead and order and Pm me in private I'll give you a good book to read, or too.I found 2 books to be really good if you compain both of them together.Us guys, we hear in the media about feminism, that women want to be treated as equals, that we shouldn't touch women, and so on. A wingman is a friend who can find out if a girl is interested in you or not.

Biology aside, I'm learning that more and more people don't even have enough morals to avoid cheating. She joined a dating site and called me into her office to ask me if I thought that was bad.

Your Point 1 = You have no trouble becoming friends, but some difficulty becoming a date, a lover and/or a bf. Be careful about judging others, because comparing yourself to others and/or judging them is a waste of your energy. It will attract someone to you who wants someone like you.

btw your female friends maybe are your friends precisely because they would choose someone different for their personal lives.

My problem seems to be that they see me as friend material rather than boyfriend material.

I feel girls generally see me as honest, caring, reliable, sweet.

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Generally if a girl is interested she will smile and laugh with you, make it known she's single, touch you while talking to you. It seems to me that if you meet girls on an equal basis, such as treating them like friends when you go out on a date, that puts you in the friendzone. They want Prince Charming to sweep them off their feet. They want the goofy stuff: flowers, chocolates, jewelry, gifts and cards.

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