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Dating stereoviews color

Huntington, is to provide a research center for students, writers, scientists, and others pursuing various lines of maritime investigation.

With its rich collections and international scope, the Library is a premier resource for maritime research.

Explore traditions and myths surrounding fishing rituals, crossing-the-line ceremonies, the lost city of Atlantis, sea monsters and tattoos.

Survey maritime art including paintings, jewelry, printing, textiles, object d’art, scrimshaw, ship models, photographs, drawings, sculpture, rope work, knot work, furniture, figureheads, porcelain, pottery, folk art, woodcarving.

Search primary and secondary sources on voyages and expeditions that occurred over the past two thousand years.

Although the concentration is on the last four hundred years, this topic contains descriptions of all types of voyages: circum-navigational, trans-Atlantic, trans-Pacific, Indian Ocean, and polar.

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