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Or, they considered these sections a dead spot in an otherwise action-packed film.Rarely do the worlds of entertainment and esoterism/religion/philosophy intersect.Thoughtful beings able to ponder their own existence. Where many filmgoers are intently watching the deft display of martial arts, the clanging attack of the deadly sentinels, or the Agents dodging machine gun rounds, others are paying attention to a subtext of huge consequence.Like the Matrix itself, where humans are plugged in at birth and live only to experience the sensations of the brain, moviegoers are watching for the entertainment value big-budget films like The Matrix are meant to provide.Neo, having a greater understanding than any of the unplugged, has the ability of feats unrealized by his comrades.When I saw The Matrix Reloaded in the theater, I noticed something during the scenes where Neo interacts with The Oracle and also the scenes where Neo interacts with The Architect (inside the door of light).The humans are then placed in pods where body heat is derived as a source of energy.

While I was at the edge of my seat trying to absorb every word of the conversation in the film, the shuffling and movement kept drawing my attention.

The inordinate amount of money spent to make these films have absolutely no correlation to the value they offer the viewer in the form of true knowledge.

The high budget is to produce the most visually and auditorilly stunning product imaginable.

Packaging these questions and ideas in an amazing array of stunning effects and mind-boggling action is a draw that breaks box office records. It is doubtful that a 12-minute freeway chase scene involving tractor-trailer semi trucks colliding in bullet-time slow-motion can actually offer us something of value once the initial sensory of our eyes and ears has worn off.

While stunning and visually/auditorially appealing, the value fades very quickly.

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The threat of machines capable of such awareness and, thus, aggression caused a conflict whereby humans were reduced to secondary life forms and, eventually, as energy sources for the machines.