Dating penfriend to write to

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Dating penfriend to write to

Might be nice to have constant pen pals instead though?layla i am an army wife, been doing it nearly 17 years so i`ve pretty much got used to it.To add your own message to these pages all you need to do is to complete this form.Your Polish Penpal message will go online the next time we update the page.i dont know how to do a link but the sun newpaper is pretty good for contact details.for those considering it, it really can make a difference......To read the rest of our messages, just click the next links on each of the growing number of penpal pages.This page contains the oldest contacts and the highest numbered page contains the latest messages.

Just want to let you know I'm thinking of you and praying for you this week.

my hubby was away for months and pretty much living on the tank, the only thing that kept him going was letters and parcels.

one young lad on his crew who was only 19 got less than 1 letter a month from his family.....

i am willing to marry a Polish girl /any white girl. Name: Mila Penczkowski Email: [email protected]: Female Age:: 18 - 29 From: USA Message: I am interested in learning Polish. It would be nice to have a long term friend who I could meet up with, and who would like to come visit the UK over the course of the friendship. Im just looking for a friend and someone I can share my roots with :-) Name: Mirko Email: [email protected] : Male Age: 30 Nationality : ITALY Hobbies / Interests: travel, travel and travel! I also have many male penfriends so I am interested only in female! I have been getting in touch with my Polish roots and learning Polish. My name is Esteban Ruiz, I'm Chilean and I've been pen-palling for many years. I collect stamps, coins, post cards, bank notes, bus tickets, music (CD's and vinyl records), etc. I'm specially fanatic for the music and I'd liike we could exchange music...

I like to travel and I have many other interests... I can write in Spanish and English and I wanna have pen-friends all over the world no matter age, sex, religion. Many greetings to everyone and I hope to have news from you soon.

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