Dating parents autistic children

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To everyone's amazement, the stricken man was sitting about laughing about the deadly experience just hours before!Upon returning to the States, Jim was determined to get to the bottom of this mystery - resulting in the fine tuning of the MMS solution over the next several years.Research on the genetics of autism has to continue on without them to find an answer to this question until these children get married and have biological children of their own.Even then, they would have to agree to subject themselves to a barrage of questions and allow their children to be tested for the disorder in order to gain more information.She always knew there was something particularly different about him but didn’t mind. It all worked out for them, and provided a case study for geneticists to look at at the same time. Here is something I never thought I’d have to write, but here it goes: DO NOT FORCE FEED OR USE AN ENEMA ON YOUR CHILD, AUTISTIC OR OTHERWISE, FILLED WITH BLEACH!

By going with these unscientifically backed procedures, just to make your child "normal," you are essentially telling them they are broken.

You should be curious to know these questions and answers: 1).

Autism effects 1 in 68 children and there currently is no cure.

Enough research has not been completed to prove or deny that autism does have a genetic link, and therein lays the problem.

It would seem that children born to parents with autism would have an increased rate of developing the disorder, but without proof that autism is genetic, no one can say for sure.

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The average adult married to a high functioning autistic adult will be quite puzzled by their partner’s behaviors but often find the behaviors eccentrically charming. We would love to hear your stories especially from parents of children with autism.