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I'm so happy we're doing this." There was a brief pause and Lena sighed, "How do you do that? There was then a long, awkward silence, which Maggie tried to break before being interrupted, "So, erm-" "This is my girlfriend! Then she blushed, "But you already knew that." "Yeah, we did." Maggie grinned, nudging her grumpy girlfriend, "Relax Baby Danvers. "Okay, be right back." Kara promised her guests, but mostly her girlfriend. oh God." "Just breathe honey." Maggie said soothingly.And Danvers." Kara laughed nervously at that response, and the look on Alex's face, and then offered, "Can I get anyone a drink? Lena let out a soft and kind of pathetic sound as she was left alone, before forcing a smile and telling the other brunettes, "It's great to see you both again." "Yeah..." Maggie said hesitantly as recollection suddenly hit, "Hey, sorry about the whole arresting you thing. "Of course not." Lena said, before adding sadly, "It wasn't the first time I've been arrested, and it probably won't be the last." "Well, it is a way to meet a hot cop." Alex smiled at her girlfriend, before frowning at Lena, "But you can't have this one. Disheartened by this reaction Lena did her best to reassure her lover's sister, "I know I'm not anyone's first choice for dating someone they love, and I know what this must look like-" "What does it look like? There was a brief uncomfortable pause and then Lena offered, "Like a Luthor is trying to seduce a Super for nefarious means. I love her." There was another pause and then from her place frozen right behind her girlfriend Kara mumbled, "You do?So she avoided the temptation to add tongue, and instead pulled back and stroked Lena's face. If it was on one of the billion friendship dates we had, or right from the start, but I started falling for you. " Lena raised an eyebrow, moving out of Kara's personal space. And as long as you keep her happy we'll be all good." "Alex! Please, you've got nothing on us." "We're adorable." Alex added. Mostly because of Clark's second job as Superman, but also because their romance had always been a will they, won't they kind of a situation, and at times things were very tense. " "Wow, I've never seen you like this." Kara said softly."You're not going to lose me." Kara promised softly. " "I promise." Kara quickly obliged, "I, I love you." With a sad smile Lena told her, "You don't have to say it back just because I said it." "No, I mean it." Kara insisted, "I love you. I thought it was just intense friendship, but now I just feel stupid for thinking that, because the way I feel about you was so obvious in retrospect. "All I want is for my sister to be happy." Alex sighed, feeling awkward as she added, "And you make her happy. Despite that Kara had always been jealous of what they had, which was still true even though she felt she finally found someone to love as much as they loved each other. "It's Mon-El." Clark sighed, "You've got to take him back." There was a deafening silence and then Kara exclaimed in disbelief, "What? come in." Kara beckoned in confusion, and then when the other couple were safely inside and the door was closed she turned to Lois and asked, "What is he talking about? Which of course means he causes more problems than he actually solves. "I thought you said he didn't have an ego." Maggie whispered to Alex, only hesitating for a second as she knew the Kryptonians would hear, but it was unlikely she would have anything to fear from Superman. Dating, as we once knew it, feels pretty much over. “Laid-back guy, who likes sports and craft beer, just looking for a girl to have fun with” — you and every other man, apparently. Are we now too afraid to approach interesting people in real life because we know we can just go back to the comparative “ease” of approaching people online?I got endless matches, all right, but I also didn’t know which matches were worth my time. Are we now too afraid to approach interesting people in real life because we know we can just go back to the comparative “ease” of approaching people online?Disclaimer: I do not own Supergirl or anything to do with DC. "I said no." Alex said firmly, quickly grabbing a magazine and curling it up, preparing to do something she hadn't done in years. " "Kara, you've barely started dating." Alex pointed out pleadingly, "You've only gone on three dates." "Or like a billion if you count all those friend dates." Kara argued, letting go of the magazine. " "Well, Lena is the long lost Luthor, as she only just found out she's biologically one of them, sooooo..." Kara pointed out cheekily, before sighing and taking Alex's hand, "I love how protective you are of me.

More importantly, there was something she needed to say. You make me happy..." "Oh Kara." Lena softly gasped after a few long seconds of silence, and then falling into another passionate kiss for a few long seconds before they were interrupted. " Alex swore, causing Kara and Lena to break apart and look at her, before she addressed the Luthor, "Now I can't hate you." "Oh? Of course Alex was rolling her eyes twice as hard, "Please! " "Yeah..." Maggie chimed in, throwing an arm around Alex, "Super Baby Gay, and Ms How To Manipulate A Super Gullible Girl Into Your Bed In Ten Easy Steps? Lois and Clark had a truly epic romance which had lasted a decade now, in one form or another, although to many it felt like several lifetimes." Kara frowned, before realisation hit and she sighed, "Because she's a Luthor? Which is the number one reason why you should be taking things slow." Alex argued. " Kara frowned, "And just how long after you started dating did you tell Maggie you loved her? "And I love you for that." Kara pushed on, "But I love her." The brief silence was telling, as was the way Alex huffed, "That's not relevant." "Why? I just got scared this morning about her freaking out, but deep down I know she'll welcome it." "God yes." Alex quickly took her up on that offer. It wasn't personal, I was just doing my job." "No, I get it." Lena reassured. " "Of course." Lena said it is if the alternative was absurd, then she turned to look at Kara, blushed, and then admitted, "Our friendship was the most important thing in my life. and thankfully still are, my bright and shiny raft in an ocean of darkness.I wouldn't have risked losing that if it hadn't physically hurt to pretend not to be completely in love with you." There was a long pause and then Kara put down the wineglasses she had been holding on the nearest surface and then fell into Lena's arms.

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