Dating belarussian girls

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Dating belarussian girls

The mysterious 'source' of explosive and unsubstantiated allegations that Donald Trump cavorted with Russian prostitutes asked for 'protection' from the US government, but was turned down, his father has disclosed.

Now it can be disclosed that Millian has voiced fears for his own safety, at the same time as denying that he was in any way the source for the dossier. He denies having information on Trump, whom he is now thought to have first met in 2007His father told Daily that the businessman had requested protection in the U. And Millian - real name Sergei Kukut or, in Belarussian, Siarhei Kukuts - has hinted that he could be in danger, blaming shadowy forces in London.

It is believed that Millian originally met the now president during an earlier visit Trump made to Moscow in 2007.

Confirming his son knew the American leader, he said: 'I think they got to know each other through Sergei's legal connections.'I don't think Trump could fall as low as ordering prostitutes.'Trump is scared of bacteria and rarely extends his hand for a handshake - but he does so with Sergei.

I am actually nervous that I'll harm Sergei even by saying this.'I wonder if it was Trump's rivals from the Democratic Party who got Sergei involved in this scandal, thinking that he was a weak point.'He dismissed the gossip his son allegedly peddled and which was heard by ex-MI6 man Steele as 'fairytales'.'We as a family, we believe no-one but our son,' he said.'My personal attitude to Trump is that we want to see what he does during the first 100 days.'Kukut is the former head of a local Soviet-style collective farm, who is now an inspector for labour protection and safety in the district executive committee, as well as a published writer of Belarussian prose and poetry.

He is a keen hunter and angler who drives a red Lada, the mass-manufactured Soviet era cars still widely driven in the former Soviet republic.

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