Dating and marriage rituals in ugand

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Dating and marriage rituals in ugand

So circumcising insertive men could readily increase HIV transmission to their partners.Yet already this study is being touted as a reason for gay men to get circumcised.] Studies that claim to find a correlation between intactness and HIV transmission are not uncommonly misreported in a way that plays up the "protective effect".Only a tiny fraction of all scientific research is ever covered by the popular media, however, and most scientists go through their entire career without once encountering a reporter.

With "adequate" genital hygiene, the rate among the intact fell to 26%.

We have shown for the first time that [men who have sex with men] who predominantly take on the insertive role in sex are less likely to contract HIV if theyve been circumcised, said Dr.

David Templeton from the National Center for HIV Epidemiology and Clinical Research in Sydney.

(The Roman senator Cato was in the habit of ending every speech on any subject with those words - it helped that "must be destroyed" was a single splendid Latin word, "delenda".

Eventually the Senate agreed to destroy Carthage, with disastrous consequences for Rome.) Recently, several studies have been published, most from Africa, one from India, claiming to show a link between having an intact penis and a higher risk of HIV infection.

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"Scientists have power by virtue of the respect commanded by the discipline.

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