Computer not updating ashley michelle dating

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Computer not updating

This was helpful, I found some subnets in our network I forgot to map to the AD sites!

Unfortunately though, the clients I've been looking at were already in mapped subnets and no errors about them are in this debug log on any of our Dcs.

I'm still working on this issue trying to figure out why some computers are authenticated with DCs in a site other than the one they are in.I could raise the forest to 2003 since there are no more 2000 DCs in the forest, correct?OK, so the way I'm understanding this, PCs only query for their site location one time, then Dynamic Site Name is created and they are in that site forever unless the key is removed.I can live with that although I don't understand why it's not perfect.There have been no entires recorded in C:\Windows\debug\since I added a few missing subnets a few days ago. I am having trouble forcing replication across sites.

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The computers I've looked at are using DHCP and I've verified the addresses they get are correct. When that happens, I can do a gpresult and see near the top of the report, the Site Name shows the remote site name instead of the comptuer's local, and, the DC (%logonserver%) is one that is in the same site given by gpresult.