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Chico state speed dating

Many of the majors offered by the University have .For example, within the business administration major, you may choose the accounting or finance option, among several other choices.Programs include those which lead to the Multiple Subject (elementary) Credential, to a Single Subject (secondary) Credential in many academic areas, or to any of a variety of specialist credentials.Completion of the subject matter requirements for many of these include all requirements for the corresponding major, and most are identified as a specific option within the major.Nonetheless, you too can develop an efficient program plan that will result in an outstanding academic experience.You will plan your program most effectively by understanding the three basic course components of the baccalaureate and the relationship of these to each other: 1) the major; 2) general education and other requirements; and 3) elective courses.Chico State offers a wonderful array of courses and academic programs-including majors, minors, options, credentials, and certificates-in an enriching residential environment.The quality and character of your undergraduate experience is determined by the choices you make in developing your program.

The earlier you assume responsibility for the direction of your education and begin to discover its rewards, the more you will gain.

These three are structured around a framework of nine graduation requirements, described in the section "Bachelor's Degree Requirements," which are the building blocks of your degree program.

If you have already completed some college coursework, you need to determine as early as possible how that credit applies to these requirements The most easily identifiable portion of your academic program is your major.

An option is an officially recognized program of specialization within a major.

It includes requirements specific to the option plus a core of courses taken by all students in the major regardless of option selected.

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Your program represents a considerable commitment of your time, money, resources, and effort.