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Chatroulette montreal sexe

All of which makes a current exhibit at Stephen Bulger Gallery on Queen West a breath of fresh air.

For her series “Wonderlust,” the highly regarded Canadian artist Sarah Anne Johnson scored herself invitations into the bedrooms of numerous couples and photographed them getting it on.

Johnson’s aim was to examine her own feelings about intimacy and challenge what she sees as an enduring taboo around sex.And then there’s a piece where a woman’s partner is gently kissing her stomach, and Johnson has drawn a clown’s nose and ruff on her.According to the artist, that’s a representation of how sex is both a performance and a faintly ridiculous enterprise.While the work isn’t explicit or pornographic, it is what you might call “bold.” (Let’s just say that, despite a carefully deployed camera angle, you can be sure the woman pictured with her head in a man’s crotch isn’t hunting for a lost contact lens.) But what makes Johnson’s photos unusual is that rather than focusing on the physical act of sex, she attempts to capture the emotions involved.And in an era when sending a naked selfie is virtually a form of greeting, this seems positively subversive.

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But if you’re in a bad place or [a bad] relationship and you see this work, you’re going to have a reaction against it.” Still, even if the art’s not to your liking, at least Johnson’s work might give you some new ideas. There’s got to be someone on Chatroulette into that, right?