Cancer dating survivor white women dating jamaican men

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Cancer dating survivor

You can let us know by emailing us with the link at [email protected] 100 Cancer Resolutions: Stephanie Sliekers writes about taking time to enjoy and indulge.

Storms Don’t Scare Me: Katie says, “Although this blog was initially used for ‘during’ treatment, I realized there was much more than just treatment.

Breast Cancer Action Nova Scotia: Great Forums for those dealing with Breast Cancer.

A Fresh Chapter: We believe in empowering each other to think boldly, to take action even when it scares us, and to work together to tackle some of the most pressing social challenges in our world today.

Alli’s Journey: Alli’s Journey is a non-profit organization which raises funds for a network of support groups that provide critical care, counseling & assistance to young adults coping with cancer.

Dear Thyroid: Written by and for thyroid (disease/cancer) patients, and their families. The Diary of Nalie Agustin: Nalie says she “started blogging in 2013, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer at only 24 years old.

Writing became my therapy, and as my stories began to inspire people around the world, it turned into my passion.” Do I Have A Story For You: Katie offers “a little insight into facing choriocarcinoma.” Dream Creator: This started out as a personal blog about my desire to move to Mexico, four entries in, I found my lump.

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Anchor Of My Soul: Julia Bayer started blogging after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer at 26.

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