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A woman will normally draw out courtship in order to solidify the bond between herself and a man.

The more time a man spends on the chase, she thinks, the more time he will spend raising her children.

Guys, myself included, are often hesitant to approach women. We all want to maintain what little confidence we have.

Thankfully, women impart their level of interest with very specific cues and this saves men from approaching disinterested women and can even save them the embarrassment resulting from displaying interest in them at all.

Ultimately dating and courtship is a way for a woman to test a man’s desire to invest in her.

A woman doesn’t normally give off cues that are obvious simply because she hasn’t yet decided for certain if you are of interest to her.

Women have a keen ability to fool men into thinking that they have the advantage early on, but in reality, women are able to control men with the use of nonverbal communication (whether or not they are actually aware of this fact is not relevant).

Women use nonverbal language to send a strong signal of sexual interest, or as the case may be, disinterest.

When a student of body language gets their first dose of knowledge it is very exhilarating.

The skills in this book represent some of the most important you will ever obtain in the pursuit of women (or men, as the case may be). It will take time and experience to turn your eye into a highly developed reader of body language. For example, you will know if a woman is interested in getting to know you better, and on which level.

You will know if she wants to kiss you, or whether she simply wants you to go away.

Body language outlines where you are in a relationship such as what level of attraction or rejection is present at any one time and eliminates all the guesswork involved in reading women.

The information in this book will make it easy to determine which women are available.

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Thus, for the most part, the more she runs, the better off she will be.