Biomedical research ethics updating international guidelines Horney teens chat 2013

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Biomedical research ethics updating international guidelines

Many countries later issued their own memorandums about research ethics.

Nuremberg was followed by the Declaration of Helsinki (adopted, 1964; latest amendment, 2008), established by the World Medical Association (WMA), which created international regulations governing many countries [].

Most of the documents showed various degrees of deficiencies in regard to ethical protection.

The majority of the documents that were examined refer to one or more international documents on biomedical research ethics.

Recently, a lot of efforts have been made in many countries in the Middle East.

These guidelines contain only a small section pertaining to research in children, which does not address in detail several ethical perspectives of conducting biomedical research in neonates and children.

There has also been growing debate over the ethical challenges faced by different societies.

Accordingly, scholars have begun to consider how to offer protection to the research community, resulting in the creation of research ethics guidelines in many countries [].

Research ethics guidelines are essential for conducting medical research.

Recently, numerous attempts have been made to establish national clinical research documents in the countries of the Middle East. Thirteen Arab countries in the Middle East were explored for available national codes, regulations, and guidelines concerning research ethics, and 10 documents from eight countries were found.

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As we near the end of the second decade of the 21st century, we have numerous opportunities to develop interventions to promote health, and prevent and treat diseases that affect children. Research and innovation is therefore the core of the endeavour to generate and translate knowledge into clinical care.

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