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How could the online criminal background check have omitted these major records?

The site claims that its statewide search provides instant access to records of criminal convictions, felonies and misdemeanors.

Imagine using one of the hundreds of online background check services to conduct a check on a potential new employee.

You put in the person’s name and date of birth and pay with your credit card, and you get a tidy report that shows that he or she has a clean record.

Only on the so-called statewide report did I discover a lengthy disclaimer about how you should “not assume” that the data provided is a “complete or accurate history of a person’s criminal history.” Gee, thanks.I scoured the site for fine print but discovered none.The site said that the search would be statewide and provide instant access to records of criminal convictions, felonies and misdemeanors.I recommended that, at minimum, he run criminal record checks in New York state and that the search be conducted through the New York State Office of Court Administration, the official repository of criminal records, run by the New York State Unified Court System.I pointed him to a link on how to conduct a New York Criminal Record Search and told my friend that he could fill out the Criminal History Record Search Form with each employee’s full name and date of birth and then mail it to the Office of Court Administration, or that I could get the results almost immediately for a small fee on top of what the Office of Court Administration charges ( per name searched).

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It was a quick and easy transaction, and if I were a consumer reading this criminal background check, I would feel comfortable knowing that the person had no criminal history record in New York.