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The LA Cafe girls are freelancers, there’s no need to pay LA Cafe a barfine, no mamasans, no lady drink commissions, and no fixed price of sex.

The working girls there are their own boss, can choose their customers and keep all of the money.

LA Cafe is open 24 hours but realistically most girls start leaving when the sun comes up, 6am ish. If you’re picky and don’t care about the cost of sex in Manila there’s not much point going to LA Cafe until better places close. Burgos and it starts closing down around 3am, or go to a nightclub that closes 4-5am and strike out, LA Cafe is a good last resort. Some decent girls will get there 9-10pm looking for a customer. Some will go in the early hours because they’re drunk and hungry and it’s the only place still open.

If there’s no hot girls in LA Cafe when you go then ZZYZX and Exclusiv are nearby discos in Malate under 1km to the South on the Remedios Circle roundabout.

So 6500 pesos total (0) plus your overpriced drinks.

‘Massage girls’ hanging out on the streets around Burgos try for 3000 tip for sex, easily negotiated down to 2k -2.5k, on top of the 500 for their ‘agent’ / shop or to cover the hour of the ‘massage’.

It’s like a bar or pub in the West, you just approach a girl yourself and talk to them.

I saw some hot waitresses, you could try getting one of their numbers and setting something up. Some girls look like meth addicts, because LA Cafe is open all night some of the most hardcore street girls in Manila will wander in.Except the night finishes with a Filipina girl to takeaway instead of a kebab. Burgos bars charge 2900 barfine to take a girl for 3000 short time.Often they try to insist you buy 2 lady drinks at 300 each before barfining her too.The classic argument against freelancers is that the reason they work freelance is because they have STDs – places like Gogo bars or anywhere they’d have a boss, allegedly do STD checks and kick out girls who fail.Of course, the ones who tell you this are bar owners, mamasans, and bargirls who don’t want competition from freelancers. In all likelihood bargirls that fail STD tests simply switch bars, or the tests never happen, and freelancers work freelance because they want to keep 100% of their money and not have a boss.

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Some only do handjobs / blowjobs / nuru massage for 500 – 1.5k ish.

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