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Aria daquisto dating

Becca was then announced as the next "Bachelorette." "Going back to that time, it was a big risk to do what I did and I know that it wasn't a popular decision but it was a decision I had to make for myself, Arie said.

"At the end of the day, it's a TV show, but it's the rest of our lives and I knew that Lauren was the person I was supposed to be with.

The double-bound alder body and multi-ply pickguard that dressed up the -62 Telecaster guitar distinguished it from its Butterscotch predecessor.

And rosewood, originally introduced for cosmetic reasons because maple was prone to showing wear, quickly grew in popularity with the warmth it added to the classic Telecaster tone.

"Going into it, the biggest reason I wanted it to be filmed was so everyone could see the story -- not only the good things, but also the bad things -- because at the finale there are a lot of questions.

Arie added that the nuptials will be a private affair and not for television.

When asked why they decided to announce this news now -- just days before the premiere of Becca's "Bachelorette" premiere on Monday -- she added, "Honestly, I don't think we had much control over that." Arie said their plan also "just came together" and "it just happens to be the timing of things, but we're just excited. Everyone asks us, so we were like, why not just come on here and tell everybody." They ended the interview with a tease that they may appear on Becca's season.

When asked whether they've spoken with the rejected contestant since the breakup, Lauren said, "Maybe.

Grouse Guitars - your vintage guitar, bass and amp dealer.

Click the 'back' plectrum to go back to the previous page, or click the "Grouse Guitars" nameplate above to go directly to the Grouse Guitars homepage. This is a first year Fender D'Aquisto Elite Archtop made in Japan in 1984.

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