Ang dating daan telephone number

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Ang dating daan telephone number

I did not believe that these accusations are true and I considered them as baseless and one-sided.

He does not accept advice even from older people like me even if it is necessary.Tambubong, San Rafael Bulacan which was then transferred to Bgy.Ulingao, San Rafael Bulacan both of which are rented until eventually the place of worship and teaching was transferred to Malolos, Bulacan wherein a new chapel has been built at our own expense in a lot owned also by our family.He becomes upset when asked about reports on financial issues especially the voluntary contributions of church members which he is taking all by himself for his own use and his second family, and also about the issue of the contributions he received from abroad the amount and use he kept secret up to now with regards to the amount and how he uses it.The inquiry about the contribution from abroad by some church members resulted in the suspension and eventually expulsion of these members, but he used another reason to divert from the true issue.

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I have proposed during the meeting that Willy Santiago be given a P20,000 monthly allowance which is P8,000 higher than what he requested before which is only P12,000. Again nobody opposed and therefore it is considered final. Santiago requested for another P5,000 as an emergency fund to be used on emergency situations but he shall submit a written liquidation and justification whenever the emergency fund is used-up before he can request for a replenishment.