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It sure sounds like the twins told some opponents on the ice, late in games. Nineteen years after a stunning draft-day trade that united them in Vancouver, the Sedins did something few superstars get to do — orchestrate an exit on their own terms.There was opposition; as recently as last weekend people were trying to talk them out of it.You had to be in the building to truly understand what they could do.Too often, we equate toughness with growling and throwing punches. It’s about doing your job to a high standard no matter how much your body aches, how sad your children are when you can’t be around, how annoyed your spouse is with you, how much you might despise your boss, or, in hockey, pushing through the stick to your ribs or the glove in your face.Two calls I’d be making would be to Chicago and Ottawa.Could the Canucks pitch taking some or all of Marian Hossa’s cap hit and/or Bobby Ryan’s contract, as long as the Blackhawks and Senators make it worth their while?The Sedins stood there the longest, facing wave after wave of questions.So many reporters thanked them for their time and patience during the post-season. Former Canucks Assistant GM Laurence Gilman told one about their 2009 contract negotiation, a difficult conversation that took almost a year and ended with the twins leaving money on the table.

Gino Odjick was roughing up Doug Gilmour, putting Toronto’s star off his game. People said the Sedins weren’t tough, weren’t gritty. No referee will call all the penalties in the playoffs that could be called. In the last two decades, plenty wilted where they didn’t.

One possibility is they offer some short-term, bigger-money contracts to the group of available free agents.

Their interest in Backlund has opponents thinking they could be an aggressive participant in the market.

Vegas Golden Knights goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury stops a shot by Vancouver Canucks centre Brandon Sutter during the first period of an NHL game Tuesday, March 20, 2018, in Las Vegas. Down come the banners as Rogers Arena goes bananas.

Baskow/AP) I’d bet your house it won’t happen, but I’d love to see Daniel and Henrik Sedin’s NHL careers end Thursday night with a lengthy ovation, followed by an announcement the Canucks are immediately retiring their numbers.

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Wendel Clark skated up to Pavel Bure and told him, “If you don’t tell your buddy to leave him alone, you will pay for it.” Odjick left Gilmour alone. The toughest thing about being an athlete is your disappointments play out publicly. After Game 7 of the 2011 Stanley Cup Final, the Canucks dressing room was a predictably despondent place.

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