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Advantages consolidating schools

You must be up to date on your payments, and you must have a history of making your payments on time.

You also will typically need to have at least a certain amount in loans.

Facing the uncertainties of massive building renovations, Beachwood City Schools instead plans to consolidate its elementary program, Pre-K through Grade 5, onto the Fairmount School site.

Consolidation offers significant educational, operational and financial advantages for the entire Beachwood community.

School workers who are laid off will face much stiffer competition for those same positions in the consolidated school and face a good chance of not getting hired.

David Thompson, a Kansas State University professor in education leadership, points out that the money spent on schools is partially returned to the local community as school employees spend their salaries at local businesses; by shuttering smaller schools, consolidation takes that money out of the small-town community.

Please use the resources on this webpage to learn more about our plans to invest in the FUTURE of elementary education.

He has covered a variety of subjects, including science and sports, for various websites.

To consolidate, you should owe at least ,000 in student loan debt.

You won’t likely be able to consolidate a private student loan debt with federal loans.

Proponents of school consolidation use the quality of education as a selling point.

When two or more small schools consolidate, the resulting school will be able to offer more courses and hire more diverse faculty with teaching expertise in specialized areas.

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