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Adult dating with bangkok girls

Upside: she can find any drugs you or your friends are looking for. The Girl that Wants to Get Married and Go to your Country She’s single-minded in her goal and will mention it to you often.

She makes you take her to purchase boots and a winter coat during your first month of dating because “it’s so cold in your country.” She slipped in the question, “How many kids do you want? After you buy her a “lady drink,” you find out this Isaan beauty knows more English than you thought.

Editor’s Note: This article was written by Coconuts Bangkok’s two female editors, based on anecdotal evidence, observation and hours of conversation with real, actual men.

If you’ve been in Bangkok awhile, you might recognize some of these profile types.

She’s the docile Asian girl of your fantasies and doesn’t have an opinion about politics, economics or world events.

Or, if she does, her English is not good enough to share her ideas.

She doesn’t seem to have a job and you can’t actually tell how she’d been supporting herself before she met you.

At first, the relationship’s great because she doesn’t want to move in, go to your country or spend too much time with you.

She was the most understanding, exotic beauty you’d ever known.If you’re new to the city, you might consider this a crash course.No matter how you look at it, it’s intended to be humorous and don’t worry, we’re already at work on our outrageous profiles of the city’s men. She wants to help the poor and needy — and she’ll tell you about it over many, many THB300 cocktails at Above 11. It will be a palace cause she’s got an accommodation allowance. The Hi-so Thai Girl Slumming It She’s got the looks, the clothes, the car, the money.You feel like a knight in shining armor when she tells you the money will be used to cure her family’s sick buffalo.When you end up dating her, you can always shut her up with one sentence: “Honey, how much of my money have you spent today? The Gold Digger She wants you to be her boyfriend, or at least her sugar daddy.

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