Access table updating time stamp

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Access table updating time stamp

This cannot overwrite original data in the memo field as I need to keep a rolling history of updates (for future reporting).

I was looking to make the updated notes field as a read only and have an update button on the main form that when clicked would open another form with a text box.

Even running a query to find the max value could take more time than I feel is necessary. Denis In addition, you may want a field "WHO_DID_IT" and populate it with Environ(28).

Some times the query is run several times in the same day so different times are being placed in the field (not a good practice). In the table the field Time Stamp has the data type of date/time and in the format it has dd/mmm/yyyy Norie just tested this and it fixed my issue, thank you.To create the named formula, follow these steps: Now you can add a time and date stamp to every worksheet in your workbook by typing =Date Stamp in any cell.Check out the Microsoft Excel archive, and catch up on our most recent Excel tips.Help users increase productivity by automatically signing up for Tech Republic's free Microsoft Office Suite newsletter, featuring Word, Excel, and Access tips, delivered each Wednesday. I have checked Linked Table Manager and the tables are linked properly and update.

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